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Should my company buy the heavy equipment or machinery we need or is leasing a better option?

Any business that utilizes equipment or requiring a large investment is wise to spend time exploring the pros and cons of leasing vs. buying. C And A can help with both options, so here are some things to consider before making a decision whether to finance or lease:


There are a number of reasons that support purchasing heavy equipment or machinery. At the forefront is having ready capital; this is the critical factor in buying instead of leasing. In addition, when you purchase the equipment your company uses on a regular basis, you eliminate the issue of whether that machine is available when it is needed, even on short-notice.

Another important factor is that heavy-machine operators can become accustomed to a particular piece of equipment and become more efficient using it over time. For long-range planning, established businesses with a stable customer base know what machinery they need and how often it is used. Owners can plan their projects efficiently and with more certainty over the course of their yearly timeline.

Even if financed, the buyer will ultimately own the machine. Lease payments don’t lead to ownership, and this is something to consider.

These are some of the major reasons for an outright purchase of heavy equipment. So, why lease?


Leasing equipment instead of purchasing has some important advantages to consider. The first one is cash-flow. Smaller companies, or those new in the industry, may find leasing with a variety of payment plans helpful in this case. Fixed financing customized to match your cash flow, and 100% financing with low down payments and lower monthly payments are some of the initial advantages.

Tax advantages must be considered, too. In many cases, lease payments are legitimate deductions from corporate income. This is a conversation to have with your tax professional as you work toward making a lease vs. purchase decision.

In today’s fast-paced world of technology, it is important to be able to keep up with changes that affect the efficiency of the heavy equipment you use. Your business can be on the cutting-edge of updated equipment when you lease, whereas a purchase locks you into an outdated machine.

Short-term projects lend themselves to leasing, also. The equipment doesn’t need to be stored after the project is over, and maintenance is handled by the leasing company, as is getting it—and returning it-- to the jobsite.

Another advantage to leasing is a faster turn-around time on approval for funding. The application process for a lease is often less complicated with less paperwork required, so you will get an answer and the equipment or machinery faster.

C & A Financial Can Help!

It is critical to consider all the options available to your company, each time you need to acquire heavy equipment. Then, after you weigh the benefits of both a purchase and a lease, make the decision that is best for your company and then let C & A help. We provide loans and financing for all kinds of heavy equipment & machinery and will create a financing solution for your needs.

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